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Bally Kiel live @ The Vine Hotel 25/01

Bally Kiel is an eclectic mix of talented musicians from NE Victoria.
Four outstanding performers from diverse backgrounds have con- verged to conjure up their own unique melting pot of both Celtic & traditional Australian music.
The band has provided and introduced many people to the joys of the traditonal Australian family bush dance.They have performed at numerous old country halls and have provided communities with a platform towards a fun and interactive event for all ages.
Join us this Australia Day weekend for an evening you won't forget!
Monday 25th of Jan from 7pm!
A Traditional Bush Dance with “Ballykiel”
There’s something magical that happens when people dance together. Bush Dancing is for the old & young, kids, parents and familiies all joining in together to master a few simple moves.
Never done Bush Dancing before? Easy! The band will teach you every step of the way; and in about three minutes you will be dancin’ up a storm.

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