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🍹🍻Introducing Jimmy’s Brew Bar!

Thank you to SignEffects Wangaratta for our new signs! Come up very well.

☀️ Jimmy’s Brew Bar will be open for business this spring/summer!

It is decked out with

🍻❄️ A glycol beer system

☕️ A commercial coffee machine

🥂 400L chest for wine

🍹& plenty of space to make cocktails!

JBB is the perfect addition to our newly spruced up beer garden.

Plenty of space to social distance & chill out.

🚲 We look forward to offering cyclists a worthy stopover along the rail trail!

Plans are also in for a new outdoor kitchen too!

Our fully decked beer garden will be available for private hire for all your special occasions & delayed celebrations.

Weddings, Birthdays, Wakes, Baby showers you name it.

Above all, we look forward to welcoming back local musicians.

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1 Comment

Kylie Y
Kylie Y
Aug 28, 2021

I enjoyed readiing this

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