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🇮🇹 🌟Pasta announcement🌟🇮🇹

Our new chef Savii knows a thing or two about pasta! So were excited to announce some new dishes here at the Vine!

We’ve sourced some beautiful hand made local pasta from Pasta Adele. (Cheshunt, Vic)

  • Chicken carbonara

  • Spinach carbonara

  • & Chilli prawn pasta!

🥖🧀 We’ve also teamed up with Firebox Bakery (Eldorado) who have made some very tasty garlic & cheese bread to go with

All made fresh to order, available Monday to Wednesday on our takeaway menu. Pick up or delivery!

These dishes will also be available to our diners when we re-open!

Order in under 60 seconds on our website!

Cheers & thanks for supporting the Vine

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