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Booths Taminick Cellars Shiraz (Glenrowan) 2015

Booths Taminick Cellars Shiraz (Glenrowan) 2015

2015 1919 Series Shiraz

This wine is made in a very traditional style, hand picked from the 1919 vines it is then gently destemmed before a 7-10 day open fermentation by wild and inoculated yeast strains. 


This Shiraz is then matured in both French and American oak predominantly seasoned oak to allow the fruit and natural grape derived tannins to be on show.


Driven by rich black fruits, with hints of spice, the oak subtly adding complexity without dominating. 


Firm grippy tannins carry the long finish.

Enjoy with a barbequed or pan seared scotch fillet steak

Drink now or cellar for 5-10 years 18 Degrees Celcius or below


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