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Brown Brothers Prosecco NV

Brown Brothers Prosecco NV

A vibrant and easy drinking sparkling wine from Victoria’s King Valley, the home of premium Prosecco, a refreshing sip for any occasion.


Recommended food pairings: 

Prosecco is a great drink to kick off an evening and enjoy throughout the night. While delicious on its own, it is also perfect with sushi and sashimi.


Prosecco is also excellent with charcuterie and marinated olives, or why not try it with a light brie cheese.


Growing Conditions:

 The grapes for this wine were grown predominantly at our Banksdale vineyard in the upper reaches of the King Valley.

The fruit was picked later and at a slightly higher baumé than fruit for our vintage Prosecco to deliver a soft, round and approachable wine.


Winemaker: Geoff Alexander


Winemaking notes: After primary fermentation, the wine was then fermented in a pressure tank to 5 atmospheres of pressure and bottled to retain the bubbles. The Prosecco was bottled with an alcohol of 11.5%, a pH of 3.2 and an acid level of 5.5g/L.



Vineyard Region:King Valley
Wine Analysis:Alc/Vol: 11.5%
Colour:It has a straw colour with subtle green hues.
Aroma:A delicate nose displaying apple and pear characters.
Palate:While this wine retains the freshness and vibrancy that Prosecco is known for, the fruit for this NV release was picked later to provide a softer, rounder palate full of crisp citrus notes.
Peak Drinking:Until 2020



1 Award


    Australian and International Sparkling Award

    🥇 First place

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