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Congratulations Ruth Maxwell!

This weeks nomination comes from Alan Maxwell who has thoughtfully nominated his sister Ruth!

Tragically Ruth is going to be like many other mothers in Wangaratta and around Australia who wont get to see their family this Mother’s Day due to travel restrictions.

We have called up Ruth & she is absolutely delighted she has been chosen! Also very grateful her caring brother took the time to nominate her.

Ruth will be spending Mothers day by herself this year, we will be delivering a freshly cooked roast beef dinner for her this Sunday.

“My sister Ruth Maxwell, 73years, lives alone and just last month fell & fractured her shoulder spending 12 days in hospital before returning home last week, where all her friends are caring for her in terms of food deliveries, some cleaning and other assistance. While never been a complainer, I think this time this particular injury has slowed her down quite badly, although Ruth won’t admit that. Ruth is a regular volunteer at the Op Shop in Yarrunga, Ruth also was the primary Carer for our Mother prior to her death for 13 years, and is a Wangaratta local. Ruth also visits the Vine for your shows quite regularly and most worthy of your support.”

Ruth certainly sounds like a legend (Especially with that Scottish accent) she deserves more than a roast, so we will be giving her a dessert also.

We wish Ruth a speedy recovery & hope she isn’t in too much pain.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a lovely weekend, please FaceTime, call, or Zoom your friends and relatives who may be alone this Mother’s Day. Please also get in touch with any more nominations.

Our roasts are available every Sunday. You can preorder online at

Thank you for supporting the Vine so we can continue supporting our community.

Know someone like Ruth? Know of a family doing it tough?

Stay safe!

The Vine.

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