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Dean Haitani LIVE @ The Vine Hotel 31/10 7pm-9pm

Dean Haitani LIVE @ The Vine Hotel 31/10 7pm-9pm Vine Hotel is honoured to welcome Dean Haitani to our deck this Jazz/Blues weekend for what will be a truly (socially distanced) intimate evening at The Vine. With his unique finger style and soulful earthy vocals, Dean Haitani draws inspiration from blues & roots music, and his love of funk and old school R&B rhythms.  One of Australian most accomplished guitarist/singer/songwriter, over the last 20 years Dean has toured the US, UK & Europe. His unique sound comes from his experimentation with the technical and his ability to cross many musical genres Dean’s has honed the craft of both acoustic & electric guitar and his dynamic live performance comprises of foot percussion, a variety of guitars (running octave, delay, distortion, phaser & wah effects) vocals & harmonica.  100% of ticket sales go straight to Dean.  Thank you for supporting our local musicians & our venue.  By attending you are helping kick start the local music economy we all miss so much.  All tickets include your table/dinner reservation.  Check Dean out here ..  Cheers


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