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💔 Goodbye Max

💔🥺 It’s with great sadness that we woke to the news of our dear Max passing last night. (We are still in shock)

Max has worked here at the Vine for the last 11 years & has been the most loyal, hardworking, considerate friend we could ever ask for.

When the Vine was shut down in March, max took a well deserved long service break for 3 months.

Due for retirement next year, Max enjoyed working at the Vine so much he didn’t want to retire. He wanted to continue working for us.

Max was enjoying his new recent roll as food delivery driver here while our doors are temporarily closed again. He didn’t need a GPS as he knows all the streets in Wang!

It’s hard to process that less than 24 hours ago Maxie knocked off, grabbed his usual 6 pack of VB & Vine dinner & headed home.

Little did we know it would be the last time we see our Max. Devastatingly we had been up discussing the future of the Vine & Max’s new roll going forward. He was going to become our new security guard & covid safe marshall. Greeting people, checking them in, ensuring social distancing, hygiene etc.

Max will be deeply missed here at The Vine. He was family to us & a big part of the success of our business.

Our thoughts go out to all his friends, family & our customers through this heartbreaking time.

We are devastated that due to current restrictions we won’t be able to attend his funeral. When it is safe to do so we will be holding a wake & send of for him here.

In fact we will have an annual party to celebrate his life. Just like he would of wanted us to.

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