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⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️ Booking policy update 9/07

It’s with great sadness to announce that we can no longer accept bookings from people from the Metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire LGA. We know a lot of our loyal customers reside in these areas & have family here in country Victoria. We also understand how difficult it must be to be put back into lockdown. Not being able to visit family, or look after your parents, grandparents here in Wangaratta etc.

✅🗺 We have updated our bookings policy. All bookings must tick that they are not from these restricted areas & you must enter your postcode.

I.D checks will be done to verify postcode to all guests upon arrival.

We know there are still quite a lot of visitors from Melbourne in the area & we will be strictly enforcing this.

We hope to welcome you back as soon as it is safe to do so. We victorians are now cut off from every state in Australia & we will need to work together on our recovery.

💕 Our community roasts initiative is still going every Sunday, please nominate someone who perhaps have been cut off from their family.

Thanks for your understanding & continued support.

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